901:5-55-07 Disease controls.

(A) If any serious bee disease is diagnosed in honey bee colonies by the deputy apiarist, the beekeeper shall be permitted to use any USDA/EPA approved disease control or eradication recommended for the serious bee disease(s) diagnosed. The deputy apiarist shall give or mail to the beekeeper a "disease control used" form. Upon receiving the form, the beekeeper shall complete it, by selecting his or her specific control. Once completed, the original copy shall be returned to the deputy apiarist within ten days. Any disease control used by the beekeeper shall be administered, as required, according to label directions. Disease-control information sheets may also be obtained by the beekeeper from either the deputy apiarist or the Ohio department of agriculture apiary office. Control time limit extensions may be granted by the state apiarist upon receiving a written request from the beekeeper within fourteen days from the date of disease notification. This request shall state the reasons why an extension should be granted. The following are some recommended controls and eradications and their time limits.

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