901:9-1-08 Standard definitions of terms relating to amusement rides or devices.

(A) "Accepted engineering practice" means that which conforms to accepted principles, tests or standards of nationally recognized technical or scientific authorities.

(B) "Carnival" means a mobile enterprise principally devoted to offering amusement or entertainment to the public, in, upon, or by means of portable amusement rides or devices or temporary structures in any number or combination, whether or not associated with other structures or forms of public attraction.

(C) "Circular ride" means an amusement ride whose motion is primarily rotary in a fixed or variable plane from horizontal to forty-five degrees above horizontal.

(D) "Flat ride" means an amusement ride that operates on a single level whether over a controlled, fixed course or track, or confined to a limited area of operation.

(E) "High ride" means an amusement ride whose motion is in a fixed or variable plane from horizontal to vertical.

(F) "Kiddie ride" means an amusement ride designed primarily for use by children up to twelve years of age.

(G) "Operator" means the person having direct control of the starting, stopping, or speed of an amusement ride.

(H) "Other ride" means any ride or device together with its structures which is intended to provide amusement, pleasure, or excitement to its patrons.

(I) "Stop order" means any order for the temporary cessation of a ride or device issued by the director or his designee as provided in section 1711.55 of the Revised Code.

(J) "Time ready for inspection" shall mean the ride is set up, ready to operate, and the pre-opening inspection has been completed by the owner.

(K) "Subsequent violation" means a violation which occurs within twenty-four months of the first violation on the same or different ride.

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Effective: 11/08/2013
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