901:9-1-11 Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter, the following are defined:

(A) "High-wave pool" means wave pools normally capable of producing waves exceeding four feet in height, measured from trough to crest, and are generally uniform across the pool.

(B) "Action pool" means wave pools which normally produce waves that do not exceed four feet in height, measured from trough to crest, and are choppy, with a continuous rolling or bobbing action.

(C) "Water slide" means an amusement ride utilizing a straight or twisting slide along which a continuous stream of water passes and which patrons rapidly slide down independently or riding on a sled, mat, or inflatable device which slide empties into a splash pool or a run-out. It does not include playground type slides dumping into ponds, lakes, or swimming pools intended for diving, bathing, or swimming.

(D) "Lazy river" means a pool whose unique feature is the stream of water created by mechanical means which slowly propels patrons on flotation devices along the length of the pool.

(E) "Speed slide" means a water slide so designed by the manufacturer for high-velocity rides.

(F) "Kill switch" means a control which when activated results in the immediate shut-down of wave-generating equipment.

(G) "10/20 rule" states any patron in a water attraction must be identifiable if in distress within ten seconds by a lifeguard and rescuer contact made within an additional twenty seconds.

(H) "Aquatic activity area" means any non-wave pool that has aquatic related attractions associated with it such as, but not limited to, rope ladders, cable swings, diving platforms, hand-over-hand activities, slides, etc.

(I) "Public bathing area" means an impounding reservoir, basin, lake, pond, creek, river, or other similar natural body of water.

(J) "Dispatch procedure" means controlling how patrons are sent down or away from one specific area of a water slide to a splash pool or run-out by means of a person and/or signaling device which prevents patrons from colliding in the slide or in the splash pool or run out.

(K) "Surrounding patron" means a park patron that is not presently participating as a rider on a water park device.

(L) "Acceptable barrier" means a barrier that is determined to have sufficient height and density so as to deter a patron from access to an area in a manner that meets or exceeds the recommended fencing material required for the attraction.

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