901:9-1-38 Site operating manual.

(A) The site manual shall describe the system of operation to be used and shall address, but not be limited to the following elements.

(1) Site plan showing a plan view of the site with all components in place including fencing, site furniture, the jump zone, safety space, jump area and jump direction defined.

(2) Site plan showing a profile of the site defining the jump platform and its supporting structure, the jump area, the jump zone, the safety space.

(3) A complete description of all components in the rigging system which shall include manufacturers specification or a laboratory test certificate of each component.

(4) A complete description of all operator, jumper and passenger safety equipment.

(5) A complete description of all rescue equipment.

(6) A complete job description of all personnel employed on the site with the minimum qualifications of each person and complete detail of work periods required.

(7) A complete description of emergency procedures to be taken in all possible scenarios which may occur.

(8) A complete description of standard operating procedures of every person employed in the processing of the bungee jumper.

(9) A complete description of the reporting procedures to authorities of incidents resulting in injury.

(10) A complete description of the reporting procedure for any incidents which do not result in injury but which were not in accordance with normal operational procedures.

(11) A complete description of equipment inspection procedures and the logging of those inspections.

(12) A complete description of maintenance procedures.

(13) A complete description of the qualifications of jump masters employed on the site.

(B) Each member of the operating staff shall have a thorough knowledge of the site operating manual.

(C) Non-compliance with any of the criteria contained in the site manual may result in suspension or cancellation of the permit.

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