Lawriter - OAC - 901:9-2-14 Miscellaneous games.

901:9-2-14 Miscellaneous games.

(A) Guess weight, age, or birth month.

(1) Operators shall not touch the patrons.

(2) In guessing age, the operator shall guess within two years of age and shall write the age down.

(3) In guessing birth month, the operator shall write down the birth month. The operator must guess within one month on either side of the patron's actual birth month to be correct.

(4) In guessing weight, the operator shall write the weight down and must guess the weight within three pounds of either side of the patron's actual weight. The scale dials shall have clear figures which shall be illuminated at all times in order that they may be read by the public.

(B) Rope ladder game - climb the ladder game. The operator shall not touch the ladder. A safety chain shall be attached to the ladder at both ends, in addition to the existing chain or cable and ring, which will act to hold the ladder in the event the single chain or cable or ring breaks. The ladder is not to hang loose and must be taut. The ladder must have a thirty-six-inch fence or the equivalent on three sides and adequate padding on the deck.

(C) Bumper car. Barriers or foul lines shall not be permitted. A starting line only shall be permitted. The car does not have to hit a backstop to win. The car shall be completely released by the patron. A prize shall be given every time.

(D) Pool game. Pool games shall have pegs so spaced that the total clearance is at least one-fourth of an inch greater than the diameter of the ball.

(E) Shuffle boards or alleys. The slide board shall be level laterally and unwarped with no obstructions and shall be maintained smooth at all times. When numbers are used, they shall be plain, with no blank targets.

(F) Spoke wheel game. The wheel shall be stationary at all times. The ball shall have one-and-one-fourth-inch clearance on one side.

(G) Fishing pole or bottle set-up game. The playing surface on which bottles are placed shall not be less than twelve inches square for a minimum of one hundred forty-four square inches per square area. Bottles shall be placed in the center of the playing surface. The playing surface shall be level at all times. The use of grease or wax on rings and playing surfaces or bottles is prohibited. The string shall not be more than fifty-four inches long and not less than thirty-six inches long. The pole shall not be longer than thirty-six inches and shall not be shorter than twenty-four inches.

(H) High strikers. The equipment shall be in good condition at all times. The slides or wires shall be straight and free of any obstruction. The slide board shall be plumb at all times. All mallets shall be in good condition. There shall be a fence of sufficient strength and not less than thirty-six inches high around strikers to protect the public. The fence shall be constructed so a child cannot crawl through. Patrons shall not be permitted to swing the mallet unless both arms are used, but individuals with permanent limb physical disabilities may use one arm. Only one player shall be permitted at one time to play where adjacent high strikers are located.

(I) Skee ball. This game shall be permitted under the following conditions:

(1) The use of coin slots or aprons will be permitted.

(2) The operator must reset the score by a reset device in full view of the participant when operating from an apron.

(3) The balls shall be solid, firm, round and not less than three inches in diameter.

(4) The game shall be run with a minimum clearance of one inch between the ball and ring on all target scoring areas.

(5) The ball rolling alley surface shall be smooth.

(6) If any coins are lost due to mechanical failure of machine, the coins will be replaced when reported to the game owner.

(J) In any game at a fair, including the Ohio state fair, where coin-activated games are played, the following shall apply:

(1) The device, when reset, must be done so in full view of the patrons.

(2) The operator shall replace the patron's money due to mechanical failure of the machine.

(3) An attendant must be present.

(K) Mirror duck pond. This game shall be played for amusement only as defined in paragraph (M) of rule 901:9-2-01 of the Administrative Code. The water in the pool where the selection is to be made must be kept slow and the object to be selected highly visible. This game shall not be operated in the add-up or match-up version.

(L) Cane rack signage. Each owner of a cane rack shall post a sign containing, at a minimum, the following language: "Canes are to be used as walking sticks only. Any improper use of canes is prohibited and may be cause for removal from the fairgrounds."

(M) Bowler roller game. All trailers must be level.

Effective: 3/23/2017
Five Year Review (FYR) Dates: 01/06/2017 and 03/23/2022
Promulgated Under: 119.03
Statutory Authority: 1711.11
Rule Amplifies: 1711.11
Prior Effective Dates: 8/11/76, 12/23/1986, 6/20/88, 8/6/90, 8/1/93, 8/18/2000