Lawriter - OAC - Search - 3301-102

3301-102-01. Purpose.

3301-102-02. Definitions.

3301-102-03. Approval of sponsors.

3301-102-04. Sponsorship agreement.

3301-102-05. Monitoring and reporting requirements for all sponsors.

3301-102-06. Payments, adjustments and deductions for community schools.

3301-102-07. Revocation of sponsorship authority.

3301-102-08. Standards for measuring sponsor compliance with applicable laws and rules.

3301-102-09. Approving applications for new internet- or computer-based community schools.

3301-102-10. Dropout prevention and recovery academic performance rating and report card system.

3301-102-11. Dropout prevention and recovery schools' assessment of growth in student achievement.

3301-102-12. Standards for awarding an overall report card designation to dropout prevention and recovery community schools.