101.28 Joint conventions.

Joint conventions of the two houses of the general assembly shall be held in the hall of the house of representatives, unless otherwise ordered by joint resolution. During a joint convention, each house shall be deemed in session as a separate branch of the general assembly. Except in voting in elections where each member is entitled to a separate vote, each house shall act separately and no question shall be carried otherwise than by concurrent action of both houses. Either house, by vote of a majority of its members, may dissolve such convention by an order withdrawing therefrom. A joint convention, by the concurrent vote of the two houses, may recess or adjourn to a time certain; such recess or adjournment of the convention shall not be an adjournment or recess of either house, or prevent such house from proceeding with its business during such recess or adjournment.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.