101.351 Goal of rule watch system.

The goal of the rule watch system is to provide one world wide web portal through which a person can obtain information about the rules of, and about rule-making by, state agencies.

The joint committee on agency rule review shall establish, maintain, and improve a rule watch system. The rule watch system shall be designed so that a person may register electronically to receive an electronic mail alert when an agency files a rule for review by the joint committee.

The joint committee shall integrate the common sense initiative office into the rule watch system. The joint committee is the principal member of the rule watch system, but shall work in collaboration with the common sense initiative office to achieve the integration.

Failure of the rule watch system to transmit an electronic mail alert to a person is not grounds for questioning the validity of a rule or the validity of the process by which the rule was adopted.

Added by 130th General Assembly File No. TBD, SB 3, §1, eff. 9/17/2014.