101.43 Punishment for disobeying subpoena or refusing to answer.

Whoever willfully fails to appear in obedience to the subpoena provided for in sections 101.41 and 101.42 of the Revised Code, or appears and refuses to answer a question pertinent to the matter of inquiry, or declines to produce a paper or record in his possession or control, is liable to the penalties for contempt of the authority of the general assembly if the committee is a joint committee, or of the proper house of the general assembly if the committee is appointed by one house, and shall be dealt with by the general assembly, or such house, according to parliamentary rules and usages in cases of contempt. The chairman of the committee before which such person fails to appear or refuses to answer or produce a paper or record on its order shall report the facts to the proper house, and on like order issue a warrant for the arrest and conveyance of the witness before that house to answer for the contempt. The sergeant at arms or sheriff to whom such warrant is directed shall forthwith execute it. Proceedings against a witness, or his punishment by the general assembly or either house thereof, for contempt, shall not prevent or affect his indictment and punishment for the same offense in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.