108.05 Member of the governor's cabinet - appointment as an administrative department head.

(A) The lieutenant governor shall be a member of the governor's cabinet and shall preside at its meetings in the absence of the governor.

(B) The governor may appoint the lieutenant governor as an administrative department head listed in section 121.03 of the Revised Code, as the governor's representative on any board, agency, committee, or commission of which the governor is a member and has the authority to appoint a representative, or in an advisory capacity to any nonelective board, agency, committee, or commission in the executive department or may give the lieutenant governor any special assignment as the governor considers in the interest of the state.

(C) When carrying out any of the functions described in division (B) of this section, the lieutenant governor shall be reimbursed from funds of the particular authority for necessary expenses incurred in the conduct of authority business.

Effective Date: 12-29-1998; 06-30-2005.