109.41 Claiming escheated property.

Whenever any state begins procedure to escheat property of any person who is an Ohio citizen, corporation, firm, or resident, or whose last known address was in Ohio, on the ground that the property has been abandoned, or on any other grounds, the attorney general may, after making diligent effort to notify the owner of the property and failing in the same, act as attorney in fact for the Ohio owner to claim the property. Upon taking custody of the property, the attorney general shall deposit same in the general fund of Ohio, or if the property be in kind, the attorney general shall cause the same to be sold pursuant to section 2113.40 of the Revised Code, and deposit the proceeds of the sale in the general fund. Claims to the property shall thereafter be made in the manner provided for in Chapter 2743. of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 01-01-1975.