109.58 Standard fingerprint impression sheet.

The superintendent of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation shall prepare standard impression sheets on which fingerprints may be made in accordance with the fingerprint system of identification. The impression sheets may provide for other descriptive matter that the superintendent may prescribe. The superintendent shall furnish the impression sheets to each sheriff, chief of police, and person in charge of every county, multicounty, municipal, municipal-county, or multicounty-municipal jail or workhouse, community-based correctional facility, halfway house, alternative residential facility, or state correctional institution within the state. Upon the request of the board of education of a school district or of the principal or chief administrative officer of a nonpublic school, the superintendent shall provide standard impression sheets to the district or school for use in their fingerprinting programs under section 3313.96 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 12-31-1997.