109.90 Collaboration in establishment and administration of drug take-back program.

(A) The attorney general shall collaborate with the state board of pharmacy and director of mental health and addiction services in the establishment and administration of a drug take-back program, as provided under section 4729.69 of the Revised Code. The office of the attorney general is solely responsible for the costs incurred in the establishment and administration of the program.

(B) The attorney general may accept grants, gifts, or donations for purposes of the program. Money received under this division or section 5119.49 or 4729.69 of the Revised Code shall be deposited into the state treasury to the credit of the drug take-back program fund, which is hereby created. Money credited to the fund shall be used solely for purposes of the program.

Amended by 130th General Assembly File No. 25, HB 59, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2013.

Added by 129th General AssemblyFile No.19, HB 93, §1, eff. 5/20/2011.