1109.07 Deposits payable to survivor - deposits payable on death.

(A) When a deposit is made in the name of two or more persons, payable to either or the survivor, the bank may pay all of the deposit, any part of the deposit, or any interest earned on the deposit, to either of the named persons, or the guardian of the estate of either of the named persons, whether or not the other person is living. The receipt or acquittance of the person paid is a sufficient release and discharge of the bank for any payments made from the account to that person.

(B) A bank may enter into a written contract with a natural person for the proceeds of the person's deposits to be payable on the death of that person to another person or to any entity or organization in accordance with the terms, restrictions, and limitations set forth in sections 2131.10 and 2131.11 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 08-29-2000 .