111.21 Secretary of state - duties as to political subdivision.

The secretary of state shall:

(A) Make and keep a record of all elections and the votes cast at elections in municipal corporations, townships, and counties upon all questions of electing charter commissions, of adopting charters or amendments to charters, of adopting additional laws or alternative forms of government, of transferring powers to counties, and of withdrawing or revoking those powers;

(B) File and preserve all reports, certificates, and copies of agreements transferring powers, whether approved by popular vote or otherwise, and of charters, as permanent public records of the state;

(C) Establish regulations prescribing the forms, times, certifications, details, and other particulars or conditions governing the fiscal officers of townships and the clerks of municipal corporations, boards of elections, and boards of county commissioners in reporting and certifying the papers and information necessary for the records and files of the secretary of state. The regulations shall require the furnishing of one or more duplicates of the text of all charters and amendments, and of all transfer agreements, one of each of which it shall be the duty of the secretary of state to verify and deposit in the library of the supreme court.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953; 12-20-2005.