1111.23 Requirements for oaths, affidavits and signatures.


(1) Whenever an executor, administrator, guardian, or conservator of estates, assignee, receiver, depositary, safekeeping agent, or trustee is required to take and subscribe an oath or to make an affidavit, a trust company acting in that capacity may satisfy the requirement through the oath or affidavit of any authorized officer.

(2) A trust company that takes and subscribes an oath or makes an affidavit is liable for its failure to perform any of the duties required by law to be performed by an individual acting in like capacity, and is subject to the same penalties for the failure as would be applicable to an individual.

(B) In proceedings in any probate court or court of record that are connected with any authority exercised under Chapters 1101. to 1127. of the Revised Code, all accounts, returns, and other papers may be signed and sworn to on behalf of a trust company by any authorized officer of the trust company.

Effective Date: 01-01-1997 .