1111.28 Court order for investigation of trust.

(A) Any judge of a court by order of which a trust company is acting in a fiduciary capacity may, upon the judge's own motion or upon the written application of any party interested in the trust estate, appoint suitable persons to investigate the affairs and management of the trust company concerning the trust. The persons who conduct the investigation shall make a sworn report to the court of the investigation. The expense of the investigation shall be taxed as costs, either against the party requesting it or against the assets of the trust, as the court decrees. The court may examine any officers of the trust company, under oath or affirmation, as to the trust, or as to the affairs and management of the trust company, while the court is considering its appointment. The examination and answers of an authorized officer of a trust company under oath shall be received as the examination and answers of the trust company. The court may compel any of the officers of the trust company to attend these examinations and to answer questions relating to the proceedings.

(B) For any cause applicable to natural persons serving in the same capacity, the court may order that the trust company promptly settle the trust.

Effective Date: 01-01-1997 .