1121.23 [See notes for effective date] Criminal records check to be requested by superintendent.

Whenever the approval of the superintendent of financial institutions is required under Chapters 1101. to 1127. of the Revised Code, or under an order or supervisory action issued or taken under those chapters, for a person to serve as an organizer, incorporator, director, executive officer, or controlling shareholder of a bank, or to otherwise have a substantial interest in or participate in the management of a bank, the superintendent shall request the superintendent of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation, or a vendor approved by the bureau, to conduct a criminal records check based on the person's fingerprints in accordance with division (A)(14) of section 109.572 of the Revised Code. The superintendent of financial institutions shall request that criminal record information from the federal bureau of investigation be obtained as part of the criminal records check. Any fee required under division (C)(3) of section 109.572 of the Revised Code shall be paid by the person who is the subject of the request.

Effective Date: 2008 SB247 09-11-2008 .

Note: This section is set out twice. See also §1121.232, as amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.127, HB 487, §101.01.