113.17 Governor may suspend treasurer of state.

If, upon an audit of the state treasury and the custodial funds of the treasurer of state under sections 113.14 to 113.16 of the Revised Code, or at any other time, there is a deficiency in moneys, claims, bonds, notes, other obligations, stocks, and other securities, receipts or other evidences of ownership, or other intangible assets which should be in the state treasury or in the custodial funds of the treasurer of state, or if the treasurer of state is guilty of embezzlement, the deficiency or embezzlement shall be reported to the governor. If there is satisfactory evidence of such deficiency or embezzlement, the governor shall suspend the treasurer of state from the performance of the duties of his office and shall appoint a suitable person to act as treasurer of state until the suspended treasurer of state is restored to office or until a successor is elected and qualified. The person so appointed shall be subject to the same bond requirements as the treasurer of state under section 113.02 of the Revised Code, take the oath of office, have the powers, perform the duties, and be subject to the liabilities of an elected and qualified treasurer of state.

Upon suspension by the governor, the treasurer of state shall cease to exercise the powers or perform the duties of his office and shall not again exercise such powers or perform such duties until restored to office.

Effective Date: 07-01-1985.