1151.22 [Repealed Effective 1/1/2018] Repurchase of stock credits.

A building and loan association may permit its members to have their stock credits repurchased by the association in part or in full, at any time, and require them to file applications for such repurchase. Upon the receipt of such applications, the association shall number and file them in the order received and shall, within thirty days from the receipt of an application, either pay the applicant the amount of his stock credits as requested, in the order in which his application was filed, or apply at least one third of the cash receipts of the association received thereafter, after making proper provision for the payment of interest on deposits, dividends paid on stock and stock deposits, borrowed money, and taxes, from all sources except borrowed money, the proceeds from the sale of assets, and the proceeds derived from foreclosure proceedings where the association is the purchaser, to the retirement of such applications in numerical order. The board of directors may pay out of said one third of said cash receipts or out of any other funds in respect of any such application, not more than one hundred dollars of any one stock account in any one month in any order. If any stockholder applies for the repurchase of more than one thousand dollars of any stock credits, he shall not be paid more than one thousand dollars in order when reached, subject to the foregoing provisions of this section, and his application shall be charged with such amount, renumbered, and placed at the end of the list of applications for repurchase. Thereafter, upon again being reached in order, he shall again be paid a like amount of the remaining amount of his stock account, whichever is less; and until his stock account is paid in full it shall continue to be so paid, charged, renumbered, and replaced at the end of the list. Stockholders whose stock accounts are repurchased in part or in full shall, upon such repurchase, be relieved of all liability with reference to such stock accounts. Stockholders filing written application for the repurchase of their stock credits shall remain stockholders until paid for such stock credits, and shall not become creditors. Dividends upon the stock credit of any stockholder, to the extent of the amount of his application to repurchase, shall be discontinued while such application remains upon a list for the repurchase of stock credits; but dividends that would otherwise be paid upon such stock credits shall not be discontinued, notwithstanding the application for repurchase, if said application is withdrawn in consideration of the restoration of said dividends. The repurchase value of the stock credit so requested to be repurchased shall be the amount of such stock credit as defined by section 1151.20 of the Revised Code. If the stock credit proposed to be repurchased is pledged with the association as collateral security for the payment of a loan, the amount of such loan, plus all interest and charges thereon, shall be deducted from the repurchase value before any amount is paid to the member. No repurchase notice, on account of any stock credits which have been transferred on the books of the association within a period of sixty days preceding the date of such notice, shall be deemed received or valid.

Each repurchase of stock credits from a share account shall be governed by this section except to the extent that a shareholder's account book or other written evidence of the member's share account contains additional requirements relating to an application for repurchase.

Whenever the association is on notice, it may refuse to repurchase stock credits. An association having deposits greater than the aggregate amount of its stock credits, reserve, and undivided profits shall not repurchase stock credits so long as it has on file unsatisfied applications for the withdrawal of deposits.

Repealed by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 49, §130.23, eff. 1/1/2018.

Effective Date: 10-14-1969 .