1155.01 [Repealed Effective 1/1/2018] Regulation of savings and loan association definitions.

As used in sections 1155.01 to 1155.20 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Controlling person" means any person or entity which, either directly or indirectly, or acting in concert with one or more other persons or entities, owns, controls, or holds with power to vote, or holds proxies representing, fifteen per cent or more of the voting shares or rights of a savings and loan association, or controls in any manner the election or appointment of a majority of the directors of an association. However, a director of an association will not be deemed to be a controlling person of such association based upon the director's voting, or acting in concert with other directors in voting, proxies obtained in connection with an annual solicitation of proxies or obtained from savings account holders and borrowers if such proxies are voted as directed by a majority of the entire board of directors of the association, or of a committee of such directors if such committee's composition and authority are controlled by a majority vote of the entire board and if its authority is revocable by such a majority.

(B) "Independent auditor" means an accountant who is licensed to practice as a certified public accountant or public accountant by this state, and who is employed or otherwise retained by a savings and loan association to audit its accounts. An independent auditor may not be an employee of the association, its subsidiaries, or holding company affiliates.

(C) "Outside director" means a director of a savings and loan association who is not an officer or employee of the association, an independent auditor of the association, an attorney of the association, or any other person having a fiduciary relationship, other than that of being a director, with the association.

(D) "Holding company affiliate" means a savings and loan holding company of which the savings and loan association is a subsidiary and any other subsidiary of such holding company other than a subsidiary of such association.

(E) "Financial institution regulatory authority" includes a regulator of a business activity in which a savings and loan association is engaged, or has applied to engage in, to the extent that the regulator has jurisdiction over a savings and loan association engaged in that business activity. A savings and loan association is engaged in a business activity, and a regulator of that business activity has jurisdiction over the savings and loan association, whether the savings and loan association conducts the activity directly or a subsidiary or affiliate of the savings and loan association conducts the activity.

Repealed by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 49, §130.23, eff. 1/1/2018.

Effective Date: 06-18-2002 .