1157.07 Rejection of claims by superintendent.

If the superintendent of building and loan associations doubts the justice or validity of any claim against an association of whose business and property he has taken possession under section 1157.01 of the Revised Code, he may reject such claim in whole or in part, or may reject any claim of security, preference, priority, or offset against such association, and shall serve written notice of such rejection upon the claimant, either personally or by registered mail. A certificate of such rejection and a certificate of notice filed in the office of the superintendent shall be prima-facie evidence of such rejection and notice.

Any party deeming himself aggrieved by any such rejection shall bring an action against the superintendent and such association within three months after such rejection or be forever barred from asserting the rejected claim or claim of security, preference, priority, or offset; provided, that if the superintendent determines that an emergency exists requiring the expeditious liquidation of an insolvent depository institution, as such term is defined in section 1155.42 of the Revised Code, or of a depository guaranty association established under former sections 1151.80 to 1151.92 of the Revised Code in order to protect the interests of depositors of a savings and loan association, any such action shall be brought within ten days after such rejection or be forever barred, and the plaintiff shall post such bond as the court considers appropriate in the circumstances.

Effective Date: 05-21-1985