1161.31 [Repealed Effective 1/1/2018] Tendering credit to deposit account.

A borrower from a savings bank may tender, in discharge of any of his obligations to the savings bank, credit to a deposit account standing in his name on the books of the savings bank, regardless of when the credit was created or transferred to the name of the borrower. The savings bank shall accept such tender at the full face value of the credit in discharge of the obligations, but for each dollar of the credit so tendered, the borrower, if required by the savings bank, shall pay one dollar in cash.

No savings bank shall refuse to transfer a credit, or a portion of a credit, on its books unless the savings bank has a valid lien on the credit, or a valid right of appropriation thereof, or unless the transferee is not the owner of the credit sought to be transferred.

Repealed by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 49, §130.23, eff. 1/1/2018.

Effective Date: 10-23-1991.