117.161 Joint force account project limits.

If the department of transportation, a county, a township, or a municipal corporation proposes a joint force account project with one or more other entities, the controlling force account limit shall be the higher limit that applies between the participating entities. The participating entities shall not aggregate their respective force account limits, and the share of each participating entity shall not exceed its respective force account limit. One of the participating entities shall complete the force account project assessment form developed by the auditor of state under section 117.16 of the Revised Code prior to proceeding by force account.

The department of transportation and any county, township, or municipal corporation shall not proceed with a joint force account project if any one of the participating entities is subject to reduced force account limits under division (C) or (D) of section 117.16 of the Revised Code.

As used in this section, "force account limits" has the same meaning as in section 117.16 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 03-31-2003.