117.51 Custodian of public land records.

The auditor of state shall be the custodian of the field notes, maps, records, documents, papers, and implements relating to or used in the survey of the public lands within the state, which were delivered to the executive of this state by the surveyor of the United States at Detroit, by order of the government of the United States, the records of field notes and other records of papers which have been added thereto, the records of deeds and other records or papers relating to the public lands originally deposited with the governor or secretary of state, and the records, maps, plats, papers, documents, and implements relating to the public lands in the Virginia military district in this state, from the United States land office at Chillicothe. These records and files shall be subject to inspection, and the auditor of state, on demand and tender of the proper fees, shall furnish copies of any of them, certified under his official seal.

Effective Date: 07-01-1985.