118.19 Using special provisions for debt obligations.

In connection with the issuance of debt obligations by a municipal corporation, county, or township approved by the financial planning and supervision commission, the municipal corporation may utilize the special provisions of sections 717.15 and 717.16 of the Revised Code, and the municipal corporation, county, or township may utilize any of the special provisions for securing the debt obligations, deposit and application of funds, special covenants, and remedies of holders of the debt obligations, as provided for in sections 118.20 to 118.22 of the Revised Code, upon approval of such utilization by the commission, and shall utilize the provisions of division (D) of section 118.20 of the Revised Code. Such approval shall be granted if the commission determines that the utilization of the special provisions as proposed by the municipal corporation, county, or township is necessary or desirable to enhance the sale of the debt obligations and will be consistent with the financial plan.

Effective Date: 09-03-1996.