121.481 Special investigations fund.

The special investigations fund is hereby created in the state treasury for the purpose of paying costs of investigations conducted by the inspector general. In response to requests from the inspector general, the controlling board may make transfers to the fund from the emergency purposes appropriation of the board, subject to the following conditions:

(A) The inspector general shall not request a transfer that would cause the unobligated, unencumbered balance in the fund to exceed one hundred thousand dollars at any one time;

(B) In requesting a transfer, the inspector general shall not disclose any information that would risk impairing the investigation if it became public, provided that after any investigation using money transferred to the fund from an emergency purposes appropriation has been completed, the inspector general shall report to the board the object and cost of the investigation, but not any information designated as confidential under section 121.44 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 09-29-1999.