122.0814 Approval of grant - agreement with applicant.

If the controlling board approves a grant for an eligible project pursuant to the annual competitive process or the discretionary process, the director of development shall enter into an agreement with the eligible applicant to provide the grant for the project. The agreement shall be executed prior to the payment or disbursement of any funds under the grant and shall contain the following provisions:

(A) A designation of a single officer or employee of the eligible applicant who will serve as the manager of the eligible project;

(B) A detailed description of the scope of the work required under the eligible project, including anticipated sources and uses of funds;

(C) A designation of the percentage of the estimated total cost of the project for which the grant will provide funding, which shall not exceed seventy-five per cent of the cost;

(D) Provisions for the recovery by the department of development of grant funds for failure to meet the terms of the agreement;

(E) A requirement that annual reports be made by the eligible applicant on the progress of the eligible project and any other information about the status of the project as required by the guidelines and rules established for the job ready site program;

(F) Any other provisions the director determines necessary.

Effective Date: 01-04-2006; 2007 SB24 09-29-2007.