122.132 Duties of director of development.

The director of development shall do all of the following:

(A) Develop, collect, and disseminate information useful to individuals and organizations throughout the state in undertaking or promoting the establishment and successful operation of employee-owned corporations;

(B) Assist in the evaluation of the feasibility and economic vitality of employee-owned corporation proposals received in the employee ownership assistance program;

(C) Provide technical assistance and counseling services to individuals who seek to form an employee-owned corporation;

(D) Provide assistance and counseling in the operation of an employee-owned corporation;

(E) Assist individuals in obtaining financing for the purchase and operation of an employee-owned corporation;

(F) Promote and coordinate the efforts of local, state, federal, or private organizations to assist in the formation or operation of employee-owned corporations;

(G) Recommend appropriate legislative or executive actions to enhance opportunities for employee-owned corporations in this state;

(H) Prescribe all forms for assistance requests and publish materials describing the employee ownership assistance program's services;

(I) Adopt rules under Chapter 119. of the Revised Code for the conduct of the employee ownership assistance program.

Effective Date: 2003 SB186 12-31-2004; 2004 HB427 06-09-2004 .