122.604 Recovering delinquent loan amount from program reserve account.

(A) If a participating financial institution determines that a portion or all of a capital access loan is uncollectible, it may submit a claim to the department of development for approval of the release of moneys from its program reserve account.

(B) The claim may include the amount of principal plus accrued interest owed. The amount of principal included in the claim may not exceed the principal amount covered by the program. The amount of accrued interest included in the claim may not exceed the accrued interest attributable to the covered principal amount.

(C) The participating financial institution shall determine the timing and amount of delinquency on a capital access loan in a manner consistent with the participating financial institution's normal method for making these determinations on similar nonprogram loans.

(D) If the participating financial institution files two or more claims at the same time or approximately the same time and there are insufficient funds in its program reserve account at that time to cover the entire amount of the claims, the participating financial institution may specify an order of priority in which the department shall approve the release of funds from the account in relation to the claims.

(E) If subsequent to the payment of a claim, a participating financial institution recovers from an eligible business any amount covered by the paid claim, the participating financial institution shall promptly deposit the amount recovered into its program reserve account, less any reasonable expenses incurred.

Effective Date: 12-13-2001.