122.941 Annual report.

(A) On or before the first day of October in each year, the director of development shall make an annual report of the activities and operations under the assistance programs of the department for the preceding fiscal year to the governor and general assembly. The annual report shall include a detailing of those grants, guarantees, loans, and other forms of state assistance to women-owned businesses.

(B) As used in this section:

(1) "Women-owned business" means any individual, partnership, corporation, or joint venture of any kind that is owned and controlled by women who are United States citizens and residents of this state.

(2) "Owned and controlled" means that at least fifty-one percent of the business, including corporate stock if it is a corporation, is owned by women and that such owners have control over the day-to-day operations of the business and an interest in the capital, assets, and profits and losses of the business proportionate to their percentage of ownership. In order to qualify as a women-owned business, a business shall have been owned by such owners at least one year.

Effective Date: 07-26-1991