122.96 Delegation of authority.

The director of development may delegate to officers and employees of the department of development any of the powers, duties, and functions of the director, other than the promulgation of rules or the making of reports to the governor or the general assembly, in connection with the issuance of bonds, notes, or other obligations, the making or entering into of loans, guarantees, inducement agreements, and other contracts, agreements, assignments, certifications, and undertakings pursuant to Chapters 122., 140., 165., and 166. of the Revised Code, except that the authority to adopt resolutions thereunder and to sign bonds and notes may be delegated only to the assistant director or to a deputy director of the department. Each such delegation shall be in writing, shall state the functions delegated, the individuals to whom or the offices or employment positions to which delegated, and the duration, not exceeding one year, of the delegation, and shall be entered in the journal of the director. Any such delegation may be extended or revoked prospectively by writing signed by the director and entered in his journal.

Effective Date: 04-19-1994.