124.46 Fire department eligibility lists.

The names of the examinees who have passed the examination shall be placed on the eligible list in accordance with their grades. The examinee receiving the highest grade shall be placed first on the list. If two or more examinees receive the same grade, seniority in the fire department service shall determine the order of their names. The person having the highest position on the list shall be appointed in the case of a vacancy. Eligible lists established as provided in this section shall continue for two years. If a vacancy occurs prior to the expiration of the two-year period, the list shall continue for the purpose of filling the vacancy until the vacancy has been filled.

If an eligible list exists and a vacancy occurs that may be filled from that list, the vacancy shall be filled within a period of not more than ten days from the date of the vacancy.

Effective Date: 12-04-1973; 07-01-2007.