125.23 Regular deductions for individual retirement arrangement.

The department of administrative services may provide for regular deductions from the salary or wages of each state officer or employee for an individual retirement arrangement intended to obtain deferral of income for income tax purposes, provided that an officer or employee requesting such deductions is one of a group that constitutes at least ten per cent of all the officers and employees of the same state agency or a total of five hundred such officers and employees, whichever is fewer, who have pending written requests for such deductions to be made and remitted to the same provider, or the same agent, broker, or financial institution for one or more providers, of such individual retirement arrangements.

The director of budget and management shall promptly provide for payment of the salary or wage deductions that have been authorized by such officers and employees to each such provider, agent, broker, or financial institution in the amounts authorized by the officers and employees.

Effective Date: 07-01-1985.