125.608 Reimbursement by ordering offices for administrative expenses.

All government ordering offices purchasing supplies and services from qualified non-profit agencies or their approved agents shall reimburse the department of administrative services a reasonable sum to cover the department's costs of administering sections 125.60 to 125.6012 of the Revised Code. The department may bill administrative costs to government ordering offices directly, or allow qualified non-profit agencies or approved agents to collect and remit department administrative fees, at the department's discretion. Any department administrative fees collected and remitted by qualified nonprofit agencies or their approved agents shall be considered allowable expenses in addition to the fair market price approved under section 125.606 or 125.607 of the Revised Code. The money so paid shall be deposited in the state treasury to the credit of the general services fund created under section 125.15 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 06-30-2005.