129.14 Renewal of certificates lost or destroyed.

Upon satisfactory proof in writing that a certificate of the bonded debt of the state has been lost or destroyed, which proof shall show the amount and kind of debt represented thereby and the legal and equitable ownership thereof, the board of commissioners of the sinking fund, by a written order signed by all of them, may cause a new certificate of equal amount of the kind described in the certificate so lost or destroyed to be issued and delivered to the owner of such lost or destroyed certificate. On such new certificate shall be written a statement that it is issued in place of the one lost or destroyed, and it shall describe the latter. Before delivering a new certificate to the owner of a certificate lost or destroyed, the board shall take from such owner an obligation payable to the state with good and sufficient surety for the payment of any loss or injury consequent upon the issuing of such new certificate. Such obligation shall be filed and carefully preserved in the office of the board.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.