129.15 Transfer books and payrolls.

The transfer books shall be closed for thirty days from the fifteenth day of June and December of each year, and payrolls made showing the name of each creditor of the bonded debt in alphabetical order, and the amount of semiannual interest due him. The payrolls shall be made in duplicate in the office of the board of commissioners of the sinking fund and shall correspond with each other and with the accounts of bond creditors in the ledgers. One of the payrolls shall be sent to the banking house selected as the place where the interest shall be paid, and the other shall remain in the office of the board. No payment of interest on the bonded debt of the state shall be made except to the owner thereof in person, or to his agent, attorney, or legal representative, until such owner or his legal representative, agent, or attorney, has signed one of the duplicate payrolls. All such signatures shall be fixed to one and the same payroll, and the board having caused the signature so affixed to the payroll to be accurately transcribed on the unsigned payroll, shall file in its office the one containing the original signatures, and file the other in the office of the treasurer of state.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.