1311.09 Lien when contracting person has no title to land improved.

Any person performing labor or work or furnishing material for the erection of a new building or structure upon land to which the person contracting for the erection has no legal title or to which the title is defective, has a lien therefor upon the building or structure, and the forfeiture or surrender of any title, claim of title, or equitable interest by the contracting person to the land does not defeat the lien upon the building or structures of the person performing labor or work or furnishing material. In case the property covered by a lien is held by the vendee in a land contract or by a lessee, and he surrenders or forfeits his rights thereunder, the person holding the liens may be subrogated to the rights of the vendee or lessee, as his rights existed immediately before the surrender or forfeiture, by performing the covenants contained in the contract or lease within thirty days after the lien claimant has actual notice of the forfeiture. Any lien claimant may pay off any prior recorded lien, encumbrance, or mortgage and then is subrogated to all the rights of the prior holder of the lien, encumbrance, or mortgage.

Effective Date: 04-10-1991 .