1311.40 Priority of payment in contracts for railroad work.

A railroad company shall provide, in its contract with any person, association of persons, or corporation for the construction of its road, or any part thereof, that payments thereunder shall be made in the following order of priority:

(A) To the persons performing labor, furnishing materials or boarding, on the order of any contractor or subcontractor to persons employed by them, or either of them, in furnishing materials or labor for or in the construction of such railroad, without preference.

(B) To any subcontractor, any balance due under his contract after payment of his liabilities to persons performing labor or furnishing materials or boarding, under his contract.

(C) To any contractor, or construction company, intervening between a subcontractor and the railroad company, in the order of such intervention from such subcontractor upward to the owner of the railroad, any balance due after payment by the company, of amounts found due in the order of priority provided in this section.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .