1311.45 Contractor to be notified of time of payment.

Each contractor or subcontractor shall have at least five days' notice, in writing, of the time when a lien for labor, boarding, or materials furnished under a contract with him will be paid, which notice may be served upon him personally or upon his authorized agent or foreman, by the owner of the railroad, or any officer or agent thereof, stating therein the time of their payment. On request of such contractor or subcontractor he shall be permitted to examine such lien claims before they are paid at any time after the notice has been given. If such notice cannot be served in the county where the lien is filed, it may be given by publication in some newspaper of general circulation therein, for the period of two weeks. If such contractor or subcontractor disputes any of the claims, the company or owner of the road shall withhold payment of those in dispute until they are adjusted.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .