1311.47 Others who may claim liens.

Sections 1311.41 to 1311.46, inclusive, of the Revised Code apply to and include any person who furnishes grain, hay, merchandise, tools, or implements, or who repairs any tools or implements on the order of any contractor or subcontractor, for his own use, or the use of persons employed by him while furnishing materials or labor for or in construction of such railroad. The amount of such claim shall not exceed the wages of the person performing labor or furnishing materials, to whom furnished, or the amount found due such contractor, or subcontractor, under sections 1311.38 to 1311.47, inclusive, of the Revised Code. In every such case the requirements, as to filing affidavits and giving notices must be strictly complied with, and the aggregate of all liens taken and perfected thereunder, shall not be in excess of the actual construction contract price of the railroad company.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .