1313.15 Appointment of appraisers.

Immediately upon the assignee of a debtor giving bond, or if said assignee fails to give bond, then upon the trustee for the benefit of creditors giving bond, the probate court shall appoint three suitable disinterested persons appraisers of the property and assets of the assignor. Such assignee or trustee, within thirty days after giving bond, unless for good cause the court allows a longer time, must make and file therein an inventory, verified by his oath, of all the property, moneys, rights, and credits of the assignor included in the assignment, which have come to his possession or knowledge, together with an appraisement thereof by such appraisers under oath. If any part of the estate or effects is in any other county, the assignee or trustee may have appraisers, as to such part of the estate and effects, appointed by the probate judge of such county.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .