1313.38 Petition to have land laid out into lots.

When an assignee or trustee for the benefit of creditors commences an action, in the court of common pleas or probate court of the proper county, to sell real property, making all persons in interest parties thereto, and at the time fixed for hearing his petition the court is satisfied that all parties in interest have been notified of its pendency, and that such land ought to be sold, if the petition seeks to have it or any part thereof laid out in lots, and the court finds it will be to the advantage of all parties in interest to have this done, it also shall authorize the survey and platting of the land. If it approves the survey and plat made for that purpose, the court shall authorize the assignee or trustee, on behalf of all the parties in interest, to sign, seal, and acknowledge the plat in that behalf for record.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .