1318.05 [Repealed Effective 9/8/2016] County auditor to issue license.

Upon compliance with sections 1318.02 to 1318.04, inclusive, of the Revised Code, and upon presentation of the receipt provided for in section 1318.04 of the Revised Code, the auditor of the county in which a new merchandise public-auction sale is proposed to be held shall issue to an applicant therefor a license for such sale. Such license shall not be transferable, shall not be issued for more than one person, firm, or corporation, and shall not be necessary for a sale in a municipal corporation that has adopted regulations under section 715.24 of the Revised Code, unless such regulations have not been complied with. Such license shall state the name of the licensee and the precise place and day the sale is to be held. The auditor shall keep a record of such licenses in a book provided for that purpose which shall at all times be open to public inspection.

Repealed by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 166, §2, eff. 9/8/2016.

Effective Date: 10-11-1955