1327.571 Declaration of quantity included in advertising - posted prices to include fraction.

(A) Whenever a package or commodity is advertised in any manner and the retail price of the package or commodity is stated in the advertisement, there shall be closely and conspicuously associated with the statement of price such a declaration of quantity as is required by law or rule to appear on the package or with the commodity. Where a dual declaration is required, only the declaration that sets forth the quantity in terms of the smaller unit of weight or measure need appear in the advertisement.

(B) Whenever an advertised, posted, or labeled price per unit of weight, measure, or count includes a fraction of a cent, all elements of the fraction or decimal shall be prominently displayed and the numeral or numerals expressing the fraction or decimal shall be immediately adjacent to, of the same general design and style as, and at least fifty per cent of the height and width of the numerals representing the whole cents.

Effective Date: 06-20-1994 .