1329.62 Cancellation of registration.

The secretary of state shall cancel from the register the following types of registrations:

(A) Any registration the secretary of state receives a voluntary request in writing, on a form prescribed by the secretary of state, for cancellation of the registration from the registrant or the assignee of record;

(B) Any registration that is granted under sections 1329.54 to 1329.67 of the Revised Code and that is not renewed in accordance with those sections;

(C) Any registration concerning which a court of competent jurisdiction finds either of the following applies:

(1) The registration was granted improperly.

(2) A trademark or service mark is or has become the generic name for the goods or services, or a portion of the goods or services, for which the mark is or has been registered.

(D) Any registration ordered canceled by a court of competent jurisdiction on any ground.

Effective Date: 09-01-1998 .