133.29 Offering of securities to officers of bond investment fund or treasury investment board.

(A) Before a taxing authority sells any securities of the subdivision to others, the taxing authority may offer the securities at their purchase price and accrued interest to the officer or officers who have charge of the bond retirement fund of the subdivision, or in the case of a municipal corporation to the treasury investment board for investment under section 731.56 of the Revised Code, or an officer or similar treasury investment board having the authority under a charter.

(B) Any securities sold under this section shall bear interest at a rate or rates that is a fair market rate or rates for such securities at the time of the sale, and a certificate of the fiscal officer that the interest rate or rates borne by the securities is the fair market rate or rates is binding and conclusive as to the statements set forth.

Effective Date: 10-30-1989.