133.41 Register of fully registered securities - payment of debt charges - transfers.

(A) A subdivision shall keep or cause to be kept a register for the purpose of effecting the exchange, transfer, and payment of fully registered securities, which shall show the date, series, denomination, and owner of such fully registered securities and, if the case, the number and series of the coupon securities for which they were exchanged.

(B) A subdivision shall pay or cause to be paid the debt charges on fully registered securities only to or on the order of the person appearing by the register to be the owner of the securities, unless otherwise provided in an applicable credit enhancement facility.

(C) Subject to any applicable provisions of the proceedings, registered securities may be transferred or exchanged on the register by the registered owner in person or by a person authorized by the registered owner to do so by a power of attorney.

Effective Date: 10-30-1989.