133.42 Registration of coupon securities - transfer.

(A) A subdivision may register any coupon security registrable as to principal upon the request of the owner or holder. The officer in charge of the bond retirement fund or, if there is no such officer, the fiscal officer of the subdivision shall note the registration on the security. Thereafter, no transfer shall be valid unless the transfer is entered on the records of the subdivision and similarly noted on the security, and the security may be discharged from registration by being in like manner transferred to bearer and thereupon the security may be transferred by delivery.

(B) Registration of a coupon security as to principal does not affect the negotiability of the appertaining coupons. A negotiable coupon is transferable by delivery whether or not the principal of the security to which it appertains is registered.

(C) The responsible officers of the subdivision may charge a reasonable fee as compensation for the expense of such registration.

Effective Date: 10-30-1989.