133.57 Pending suits - lien of reassessment to attach to land in hands of purchaser at judicial sale - order of court.

Whenever a political subdivision has started proceedings under section 133.54 of the Revised Code to reassess any original assessment installments against any lot or parcel of land, and there is pending, or prior to the cancellation of the original assessment installments there is commenced, a suit in any manner involving the lien of such original assessment or assessment installments, the lien of any such reassessment shall attach to such parcel of land in the hands of the purchaser at judicial sale in the same manner as though such reassessment were an original assessment levy by the subdivision, but only for the total amount due and unpaid with interest accrued on such original assessment installments after a distribution of funds applicable to such original assessment lien in said suit. Upon determination of the total amount paid in such distribution to the subdivision, the fiscal officer thereof shall revise and recertify such reassessment against said parcel for the proper amount. Any party in any such suit may at any time before the entry of the order of sale inform the court of the pendency or conclusion of such reassessment proceedings and upon hearing the court shall, if such proceedings are concluded, take account of and give effect to such change of assessment lien in its order of sale. If such proceedings are not concluded, the court may make such order as it deems proper to protect the rights of the parties and the subdivisions interested in said assessment.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.